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Stratco Topdek 700 .48 Colorbond

Topdek 700 cladding is attached with a concealed clip. This ingenious system provides a clean and strong finish, without any visible fixings. It allows for thermal expansion, making it ideal for long length domestic and industrial roofing. Utilising an ingenious concealed clip, Topdek® 700 benefits from a strong, clean finish without any visible fixings. It allows for thermal expansion and contraction, making it ideal or long length roofing in both domestic and commercial uses. The profile of Topdek 700 consists of strong, 42mm high, trapezoidal shaped ribs that provide strength and rigidity. Less purlins are needed thanks to the high rib height. Wide deep pans channel water efficiently from the roof making Topdek 700 excellent for areas of high rainfall. Topdek 700 can be installed on roofs with pitches as low as one degree. Designed to lock together, each Topdek 700 sheet has a male and a female edge that forms a strong locking action when joined together. The anti-capillary shape of the female rib means water is stopped from entering through the side-laps. The sheets lock into the specially designed Topdek 700 clips. The clips are fastened to the purlins with hex head screws (table 8.0) through the holes provided. Although the clips join the roof deck to the purlins, they still allow for expansion and contraction, which is important for long length roofing.

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