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Dakaflash 450mm x 5m

Dakaflash is the newest edition to our lead free flashing range. It’s a composite laminate flashing consisting of a coloured creped aluminium top sheet, with 100% butyl adhesive that’s protected with a two piece HDPE backing. Embedded within the butyl adhesive is the same reinforcing aluminium mesh that’s inside our best-selling lead free flashing Wakaflex. This provides Dakaflash with additional rigidity and support compared to Smartform while maintaining the smooth contoured finish people associate with Wakaflex. Although Dakaflash doesn’t stretch as much as Smartform (60%) because of the reinforcing mesh, it can still managed to stretch an incredible 30% in length which is much more than other metal based flashing and enables it to be dressed neatly around curves and corners like bull noses. Dakaflash is suitable for almost every traditional flashing application and excels when used with extreme profiles such as verandas carports and patios. Whether it’s for a new build or for maintenance, Dakaflash will be perfect for the job because it combines the aluminium and butyl body of Smartform with the internal reinforcing mesh from Wakaflex to produce a premium flashing option with great performance.

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