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Stratco Maxirib .42 Colorbond

The thin, attractive profile of Stratco Maxirib makes it the perfect wall cladding solution. It is designed for versatility and presents a low profile appearance. Maxirib is the ideal choice for use on ceilings, walling, fascias and barge boards. Stratco Maxirib ideal for applications such as ceilings, walling, screens, garage doors, fascias and barge boards. As an attractive cladding with a fluted profile, it can be readily used both internally and externally with the exception of roofing. Maxirib is ideally used on flat surfaces but can be spring curved according to Stratco recommendations. Maxirib is available in a full spectrum of colours or un-painted zinc/al. The slightly fluted cladding design ensures strength along the length of the sheet, yet flexibility across the width.

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